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Skypiatrist is the Original Exclusively On-Demand Telepsychiatry Practice

At Skypiatrist, we know that life can get hectic. It's easy to prioritize family obligations and work responsibilities over your mental health and let necessary appointments slide. But your psychiatric care is crucial to maintaining your quality of life. Now more than ever, it's essential that you take the time to take care of yourself.

Telepsychiatry Makes it Easy to Prioritize Your Wellness

We launched our telemedicine practice in 2016 because we saw a need for high-quality, personalized psychiatric services that were also convenient. Many of our clients didn’t see the point of wasting hours commuting to spend fifteen minutes with their doctor. Now, due in large part to the Coronavirus pandemic, the need for convenient, online care has only increased.

At Skypiatrist, we know that conversations about medication can happen remotely, and we’re committed to meeting the immediate needs of our patients without sacrificing their quality of care.

Skypiatrist Is Different from other Telemedicine Practices

  • We understand the importance of trust: With Skypiatrist, you see the same doctor at every appointment to ensure that you get the high-quality, informed care you deserve from someone who knows you.
  • We know you want to see a doctor: Your Skypiatrist psychiatrist is a medical doctor, not a nurse practitioner. So your doctor will always have the highest level of training for managing your medications.
  • We respect your time: Schedule an appointment convenient for you and rest assured that we never double-book — your appointment will always start on time. And you can skip the line at your pharmacy too – we’ll send in your prescription for you.
  • We’ve perfected the technology: We've done this longer than anyone and have refined our technology for maximum convenience and privacy. We provide services through a secure, HIPAA compliant video chat built right into our website.

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